Safety First

The importance of Safety

Restoration of any occupied structure, especially of a historic nature, is not achieved without planning, teamwork and constant attention to detail. Likewise the welfare and safety of the building's occupants, pedestrian traffic and our skilled craftsmen begins long before work commences on a project.

Our company has a written Safety and Hazard Communications Program, which is taught and reviewed extensively. Our Safety Program consists of many aspects of project safety for our employees and sub-contractors.

In addition to the Safety Program we have a Hazard Communication Program. This program is to inform our employees of the safety precautions for hazardous chemicals. We explain the importance of knowing where the Material Safety Data Sheets are located and how to interpret the information. Our company uses many different chemicals so it is imperative that our employees know what to use for personal protection and what to do in case of an accident.

Working in the construction industry our company has to stay on top of all safety issues. Training our employees is a top priority. If they know the safety aspects they are going to keep not only themselves safe, but also all those around them. We have employees trained in First Aid, CPR, Fall Protection, Scaffolding, Hazard Communication and the OSHA Construction Safety Program.

At the beginning of each job there is a hazard assessment review performed by our Field Project Manager and/or Superintendent. This review identifies all potential hazards. During the job, our Superintendent will visit the job-site regularly to do a Job Site Safety and Health Review. This is a routine inspection to make sure that our job is up to safety standards. These reports are reviewed with all management to make any needed corrective actions.

In addition to the safety of our employees, we also protect the public. Even though it is often a complete restoration of the exterior, we have to minimize the interruptions and inconvenience as much as possible.

We make a continual effort to provide our employees with up to date information on safety. Once a week we have a "Tool Box" safety meeting. Our Foreman reviews each safety-meeting outline with the employees. This is followed by discussion on each specific topic. The topics are then incorporated for each specific job site. The employee can give any opinion or recommendation that they feel will be useful. Each safety-meeting outline is signed by the employee to acknowledge that they fully understand the specific topic.

Midwest Maintenance, Inc. is a member of the Associated Builders and Contractors and we have a Platinum level certificate for Safety. The Associated Builders and Contractors require us to submit an application annually for STEP (Safety Training and Evaluation Process). We have acquired this Platinum Level certificate of Safety for the past 10 years, recognizing our work in the area of safety procedures and compliance. We have a partner ship with OSHA and our company is a Drug Free Workplace.

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MMI - Wins Two National Awards

The Associated Builders and Contractors has awarded Midwest Maintenance, Inc. the National Excellence in Construction Award for these (2) Projects:
St. Peter's Catholic Church, Steubenville, Ohio
Central Fire Station, Charleston, South Carolina

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