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Why we believe in restoration

William R. Meyer founded Midwest Maintenance, Inc. in Piqua, Ohio in 1979.  What began as a small, family-run commercial contractor would eventually grow into one of the top general contractors in building restoration specializing in historical significant structures.

From the beginning, our founders’ goals were to establish a company that would specialize in the renovation and restoration of historically significant structures that could leverage our eighteen years of experience in building restoration and working in masonry and concrete into a dynamic new company.  Through this exceptional leadership this company became what it is today, the leader in building restoration specializing in historically significant structures. 

The foundation of our business has a more intrinsic value than just dollars and cents. It’s based more on the idea that a community’s history does not have to pass into oblivion. That the emotional ties created by a community’s structures are very strong.

To see a church where three generations of a family’s children were baptized, or a courthouse where the marriage license for a couple celebrating their sixtieth wedding anniversary was issued…to see these structures being razed in the name of progress is actually not progress at all.

We feel strongly that at Midwest Maintenance, Inc. we become part of the communities we serve by offering 29 years of expert services to retain the emotional ties of the people of that community, and to allow future generations to remain tied to their past. Can an economic value be tied to this belief? Probably not. But we know that what we see in the eyes of a community when an important part of their history has been preserved is priceless.

In creating our company, we established a set of exacting standards for the work we would do. And, because the kind of expert professional that would be needed to meet those standards were rare, we did the majority of the work on this project ourselves. Over time, the company has attracted and trained a number of skilled craftsmen who share their dedication to quality work. These people form the cornerstone of a company that's gained a reputation for total client satisfaction in the work they do.

In 1982, the name of the company was changed to Midwest Maintenance, Inc. The company started with just two trucks and some very basic equipment. From this starting point, Midwest Maintenance, Inc. has added equipment and manpower to successfully complete any job, anywhere, no matter how large or complex.

To accommodate the increasing volume of projects in the southern states, in 2002, Midwest Maintenance, Inc. opened a regional office in Augusta, Georgia.

Midwest Maintenance, Inc. has been preserving a part of history through Complete Building Restoration for over a quarter of a century and is proud to have gained wide spread recognition for its work. From their peers, to architects and engineers, to the building owners they serve, Midwest Maintenance, Inc. has received a number of regional and national awards for project excellence and has established itself as a leader in professional building renovation and restoration.  Fort Sumter National Monument, Charleston, South Carolina; Grove Park Inn, Asheville, North Carolina; Twin Stone Arches, Troy, Ohio and Captain Roland Roberts House, Green Turtle Cay, Abaco, Bahamas are just a few of our award winning projects.

Midwest Maintenance, Inc. has entered the new millennium prepared to pursue a wide range of projects in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana, Illinois, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. We've grown over the past twenty-eight years, but one thing has remained a constant....we still share our founders dedication of providing the best quality work that can be done today.

We are very proud and grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such a successful entrepreneurial family that has established a company that has become a leader in the construction industry for building restoration.  We have had the opportunity to take control of our own destiny and experience an immeasurable satisfaction of knowing that what is being achieved and accomplished we did as a family.

It’s difficult to sum up a legacy of over 29 years.  It may rest in the restoration of a historic building in downtown Piqua, Ohio or in other communities across the Midwest and southern states where Midwest Maintenance, Inc.’s crane now reaches skyward.  Maybe it’s in the ability to survive and grow as a family-owned business in an era of corporations, or in the way Midwest Maintenance, Inc. has fostered loyalty among generations of employees.  One this is certain:  The Midwest Maintenance, Inc. legacy can be found in its spirit of excellence, of giving and growing into the 21st century, and its continued commitment to core values.

William R. Meyer
William R. Meyer – President


MMI - Wins Two National Awards

The Associated Builders and Contractors has awarded Midwest Maintenance, Inc. the National Excellence in Construction Award for these (2) Projects:
St. Peter's Catholic Church, Steubenville, Ohio
Central Fire Station, Charleston, South Carolina

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